What I Eat in a Week on a Budget / Cheap & Affordable Meals under $3 | Budget Friendly Challenge


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Hello Everyone!

I wanted to change it up a little bit this week because as many of you may know, aside from YouTube and social media, another huge part of my life is building my health & wellness platform, Soul Sync Body! Being in the health and wellness space for so long has inspired me to get creative in the kitchen and curate nutritious and healthy meals to share with my community. However, I have noticed something that has been repeated over and over again in the health industry is, "I don't have the money to eat healthy." Therefore, my team and I have curated a 7-day guided meal plan specifically designed to be budget-friendly, which includes 21 nourishing meals all under a total of $75.00 (45 EUR) to a provide a solution to this disbelief around healthy eating being affordable.

This is something my team and I have prepared and worked so hard on to share with you all, and I am SO excited to announce that it is finally here, live and in action on Soul Sync Body today! This gives you the weekend to go grocery shopping using our budget-friendly grocery list provided in the meal plan for you, and to prepare you for whatever you need to start off this next week of delicious, healthy meals.

Please let me know either in the comments or over on socials what you think about this meal plan, any feedback you'd like to give on it, and what your favorite meal was!

See you next week,

XXXX Sanne

*discount is applicable to your first payment and sign up valid only from 8/25-9/1

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