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Vogue.com Editor Chioma Nnadi takes a retrospective look at Tina Turner’s legendary career in fashion. Chioma guides us through Tina’s many different eras, from her more conservative looks during her time with The Ike & Tina Turner Revue to her leggy independence that soon followed. Chioma also talks about Tina’s iconic shock of hair that graced the cover of her hit record "Private Dancer," as well as the singer’s future collaborations with the likes of co-divas Cher and Beyoncé.

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00:00 - Tina Turner’s Life in Looks

00:11 - 1964

00:50 - 1971

01:37 - 1975

02:17 - Tommy Premiere

03:05 - 1977

03:41 - 1978

04:16 - 1984

05:23 - 1985

05:48 - 1989

06:07 - 1996

07:12 - 2008

08:06 - 2019


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