THE MORNING ROUTINE THAT CHANGED MY LIFE | easy tips to form healthy habits for happiness & success


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your morning routine alone has the power to transform your whole life! i give a step-by-step breakdown of my morning routine with realistic tips to create healthy habits for a happier and more successful life. i talk about proven strategies to boost your productivity and kickstart your day by giving easy tips for creating healthy habits. hopefully this video can motivate and inspire you on your journey to becoming your best self. whether you're looking to become a morning person or just want to improve your routine, this video has something for everyone! i hope you enjoy :)

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00:00 intro

00:43 the importance of a morning routine

01:57 don't hit snooze

03:12 don't go on your phone

04:00 stay away from caffeine

04:59 take a cold shower

06:03 physical & mental self-care

09:00 get direct sunlight

10:27 make bed

11:06 drink lemon water

11:44 high-protein breakfast

12:47 any form of exercise

13:50 outro

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