Step By Step to "Humidity Proof" Makeup


Step By Step to "Humidity Proof" Makeup with tags #summermakeup, #heatproofmakeup, #sweatproofmakeup, #humidityproofmakeup, #makeupthatlastsallday, #summerproofmakeup, #howtokeepyourmakeuponallday, #longlastingmakeup, #summer, #summermakeuptips, #summermakeuptrends

Hi everyone!

I hope you found this video helpful as we get into Summer!

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00:00 Intro

00:11 Skin Prep

02:57 Brows

08:09 Primer

11:03 Foundation

13:14 Concealer

16:06 Blush

18:37 Bronzer

20:25 Set Makeup

22:28 Highlighter

24:25 Eyes

29:04 Bottom Lash Line

30:30 Lips

#summermakeup, #heatproofmakeup, #sweatproofmakeup, #humidityproofmakeup, #makeupthatlastsallday, #summerproofmakeup, #howtokeepyourmakeuponallday, #longlastingmakeup, #summer, #summermakeuptips, #summermakeuptrends,

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