SKINCARE Q&A ... Botox, Fillers and other Confessions 🤫


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The many reasons I stopped doing all beauty injectables, full on Q&A about everything plus my newest skincare secret ... slicking!!!

xo's Tati

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SKINCARE Obsessions + New Beauty Studio! 💕

New DRUGSTORE MAKEUP ... Hits & Misses


Ole Henriksen Hydrabarrier Nourishing Face Oil $58

Ole Henriksen Strength Trainer Peptide Boost Moisturizer $51

Ole Henriksen Glow2OH Dark Spot Toner $34

Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Combination/Oily $12.89

Glitter Nail Polish used - FingerPaints (from Sally's) // You Gotta Be Kitsch-ing Me

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