OUR WEDDING DAY! | Vlog in Italy


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Hi my loves!

Wow, wow, wow. I feel like I have so much to update you all on! These past few weeks have absolutely flown by. They were some of the most memorable weeks of my entire life, where I got to spend intentional time with family, friends, and my now husband! After getting past some of the last minute hiccups that came leading up to the wedding, I really just took some time off to slow down and to just be present during this special chapter of my life. I wanted to soak in every single thing that the beautiful country of Italy had to offer. I felt that by doing this, I was really able to manage any stress or nerves that may have started to come through.

I always find it so refreshing to sometimes take a step out of our daily routines, such as traveling somewhere new or doing things that you normally wouldn't do in your every day life. For me, this was enjoying eating out almost every single day while traveling to experience different foods and cultures, not working out every single day, enjoying that extra glass of wine, and dancing to music all night long until the sun came up with the people I love. I feel that having a healthy balance with these kinds of things in life is just as important as our wellness routines that we practice daily. I cannot even express the amount of love and gratitude that I have felt this past week. From those who came to celebrate with us in Puglia, to those who congratulated us through social media, I thank all of you so, so much. I am so happy that I get to share some moments of our special day with you all.

With love,


- Venue: Masseria Calderisi

- Photographer: Alice Mahran @alicemahran

- Videography: Robin Smit @robinsmitdos & Rein Vandam @reinvandam

- Wedding planner: Amber Mollison @angellionvenicewedding

- Make up: Makky Pratayot @makky15

- Hair: Ellen Romeijn @ellenromeijn

- Wedding Dress: 'Ribelia Dress' from Pronovias Beverly Hills, CA

- Dutch Coverband: Let’s Groove

- DJ for the night: Jennifer Sunnfors @sunnfors

- Nekohama Matcha Wedding Cake by Michelin Star Chef Isabella Poti

- Flowers: Caterina Ruggieri @caterinaruggieri

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