Olive Young Myeong-dong Haul! K-Beauty Skincare & Makeup


Olive Young Myeong-dong Haul! K-Beauty Skincare & Makeup

As promised - here is my K-Beauty Haul from Olive Young Myeong-dong during my trip to Korea!

Once again thank you to @EuniUnni & @Soobeauty_official for treating me so so well 🥹💞💞

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1:09 Skincare

11:53 Makeup

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Olive Young Global is having a HUGE sale atm!!

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Up to 77% off until June 7th 2023~

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[numbuzin] No.3 Skin Softening Serum

*Jumbo Special Set approx. 30% off!

[beplain] Cicaterol Ampoule

*Special Set approx. 25% off!

[beplain] Greenful Cleansing Oil

*Special Set approx. 15% off!

[Heynature] Erseongcho Toner

*Special Set approx. 10% off!

[Mediheal] Watermide Toner Pad

*approx. 30% off!

[abib] Collagen Gel Mask (Rose Jericho Jelly)

*4pc approx. 45% off!

[abib] Collagen Gel Mask (Sedum Jelly)

*4pc approx. 45% off!

[abib] Gummy Sheet Mask Sticker

*All types approx. 50% off!

[isoi] 1st Speedy Mask

*approx. 40% off!

[isoi] Blemish Care Mask

*approx. 40% off!

[Dewytree] AC Ctrl Ex Deep Mask

*1+1 special!

[Round Lab] Soybean Nourishing Mask Sheet

*approx. 40% off!

[Round Lab] 1025 Dokto Hydrating Water Gel Mask

*approx. 50% off!

[Amuse] Jel-Fit Tint (01 - Boksoonga Jelly)

*approx. 20% off!

**[Hera] Sensual Powder Matte Liquid (187 - Sexual Chocolate)

[dasique] Shadow Palette (14 - Peach Squeeze)

*approx. 20% off!

**[dasique] Mood Up Mascara Long & Curl (02 - Choco Brown)

**[CLIO] Kill Lash Superproof Mascara (01 - Long Curling)

**[The Tool Lab] Hydro Makeup Sponge Rectangle

** - unavailable online

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👀Lenses - [Olens] Scandi 1day (Hazel)

💋Lips - [Amuse] Jel-Fit Tint (01 - Boksoonga Jelly)

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🎵Music by:

Logan Lindsey-Camp Hardin 

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