HUGE Japanese Makeup Haul~ 🇯🇵 Makeup, Haircare and Nail care I bought in Japan!


HUGE Japanese Makeup Haul~ 🇯🇵 Makeup, Haircare and Nail care I bought in Japan!

I have not included links for this video since most of these products are only available in Japan and very hard to find online!

Although I have included the product names in the description so you can try looking for it yourself or save it for your next trip to Japan! 🇯🇵✨

Stores I purchased products from:

- Matsumoto Kiyoshi (Drugstore)

- Cocokara Fine (Drugstore)

- Kusuri no Fukutarou (Drugstore)

- Don Quijote (Variety Store)

- Ainz & Tulpe (Beauty Store)

- PLAZA (Variety Store)

- Loft (Variety Store)

- Hands (Variety Store)

- MUJI (Variety Store)

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0:00 Intro

1:15 Face/Base Makeup

[Canmake] Marshmallow Finish Powder ~Abloom~ (03)

3:01 and by romand (lawson exclusive)

[&nd by rom&nd] Mellow Matte Cushion (BE01 Pure)

[&nd by rom&nd] Mellow Eye Palette (BR02 Apple Cinnamon)

[&nd by rom&nd] Glassy Bomb Tint (BR03 Cocoa Brown)

5:13 Lips

[myroink] Color For Me Lip Tint (Cosmos Pink)

5:54 Eyeliner/Eye glitter

[Canmake] Creamy Touch Liner (11 Cloudy Gray)

[Canmake] Effortless Liner (03 Cashmere Burgundy)

[Love Liner] Liquid Eyeliner (Brown) *Sanrio collab*

[Love Liner] Liquid Eyeliner (Milk Brown) *Disney collab*

[Lumiurglas] Skill-less Liner (Pink Haze Brown)

[Lily Fleur] Liquid Pearl Liner (Yellow Bouquet)

[Ririmew] Pick Me Eyes Glitter (03 Teach Me)

10:39 Eyeshadow

[Dasique] Shadow Palette (11 Chocolate Fudge)

[Missha] Easy Filter Palette Eyeshadow & Blush (Monsters Collab)

12:54 Mascara

[Heroine Make] Curl Keep Mascara Base (Pink Blossom)

[D-UP] Perfect Extension Mascara for curl (Pink Brown)

[Kiss] Lasting Curl Mascara (Milk Tea Greige)

[PMEL] Perfect Long & Curl Mascara

[Phoebe] Beauty Up Mascara (Pink Brown)

[Kingdom] Tabakan Curl Mascara (Natural Brown)

[Canmake] Off-Surun Mascara (04 Ash Cat)

[Myroink] Color Mood Mascara (Pumpkin Orange)

17:39 Eyelash Serum/Tools

[Heroine Make] Eyelash Serum

[Majolica Majorca] Lash Jelly Drop

[MUJI] Protable Eyelash Curler

19:52 Haircare

[Plus Eau] Mellow Shampoo & Treatment

[Plus Eau] Point Repair

[Matomage] Hair Styling Stick

[Je l’aime] Relax Hair Mask

[Je l’aime] iP Thalasso Illuminate Hair Oil

24:44 Nail Care

[Country & Stream] Honey Nail Treatment Oil

[MUJI] Nail Care Oil

[MUJI] Nail File

26:52 Eye Drops

[Rohto] Lycee Eye Drops

[Rohto] Z! Cooling Eye Drops

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👀Lenses - [Olens] Real Ring (Gray)

💋Lips - [romand] Milk Tea Velvet Tint (Vanilla Tea)

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🎵Music by:

Logan Lindsey-Camp Hardin

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Love to all x

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