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Hi All,

Happy Friday! How are you doing? I have had a long week here in L.A. haha ! I woke up yesterday and I felt so out of it, I felt so much anxiety and I wasn't sure what the trigger was. Now, normally I would have approached my anxiety or feelings with a very masculine energy and I would have try to ignore it, push trough it and just do do do. Instead, I approached it with a more feminine energy where I sat down, stopped with what I was doing, sat in my feelings, checked in with my body and grabbed some breakfast by myself with a warming drink.

Now my state of mind and body state changed completely , it was definitely a moment of growth because again, not every day is perfect! Anyway, I am feeling much better today and watching this Vienna Vlog actually brings back so many memories for me. I absolutely loved spending time in Europe and visiting Vienna was on my wishlist! I couldn't believe how many of you are living there and I was actually able to meet on our meet up. We literally had the best time and it was so fun meeting you girls. We hope to come back very soon!

We did a big rebrand for Soul Sync Body this week which you can see on our website! Also our tote bag and yoga mat are finally available for purchase!!! I know so many of you have been asking.

Let me know in the comments down below what kind of video you would like to see next!

XXX Sanne

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