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-Rooftop cocktails: Warm rusty terracotta with bright blue green duo chrome finish

-Moonwalk: metallic mauve with a green and gold duo chrome flip 

-Mint 4 U: This midtone mint shadow with gold flecks is all for you

-Empire: metallic rich emerald green

-On Set: metallic ocean with gold flecks 

-Moon Daisy: metallic baby blue with blue and silver pinpoints

-Coconut: Put some lime in this satin bright teal

-So Quiche: metallic deep olive with pink duo chrome effect 

-Silver Lake: metallic icy mauve with silver flecks

-Rose Garden: metallic violet with a blue flip

-Ripple: metallic vivid violet with a blue duo chrome flip 

-Pug life: metallic magenta with blue flecks 

-Ur My Sunshine: bright fuchsia with a blue duo chrome flip

-Frog: icy silvery baby pink with rainbow glitter

-Uh-oh: icy pink lavender with a with silver flecks

-Not Too Much: warm-toned, dark pink with a metallic finish

-Set to Stun: icy rose with blue glitter

-Party of Five: warm burgundy with a ton of multi-colored duochrome glitter on top

-For Real: metallic coral with pink flecks

-Roy G. Biv: metallic midtone pink with gold flecks 

-Tassel: metallic icy white

-Ice Dream: opalescent white with pink, violet and blue duo chrome effects

-Ritz: sheer nude with silver glitter

-Koosh: frosted warm dark beige

-La Mesa: metallic icy nude with pink flecks

-Mighty Morphin’: creamy icy ivory shadow with hot pink pin points

-Ur the Prize: warm-toned, light copper with a metallic finish

-Amaze: peachy gold with multi-dimensional glitter

-La la: warm-toned, light-medium copper with a metallic finish

-Sequin: ultra-glitter rosy penny copper

-Nillionaire: bronze with pink and gold ultra-glitter

-Dgaf: medium-toned rusty brown topped with multi-dimensional gold glitter

-Deep Dive: bronze with purple and gold glitter

-Abbot Kinney: metallic deep bronze with blue and gold flecks 

-Moonwalk: metallic mauve with a green and gold duo chrome flip 

-In Harmony: warm-toned, medium-dark gold with a sparkle finish

-Lightning Bug: golden copper with a ton of silver

-Bubble Bee: metallic sunflower 

-Peeps Orange: Tangerine with pink and silver flecks 

-Pressed Juice: metallic icy soft lime 

-Tankini: metallic vivid yellow with silver flecks 

-Peeps Yellow: pastel yellow with silver and gold flecks 


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