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Back to New York Vlog | NYFW | SSB Event in NY!

Hi Loves,

As I was thinking about what to write here for this video, I thought it would be perfect to share with you all the caption on one of my most recent Instagram posts. In case you missed it, here it goes..

"Exactly 10 years ago, I came to New York City during fashion week, a moment that still resonates with me today. After just three weeks in the city, I made a life-changing decision to move here! To those outside the industry, modeling and fashion weeks may appear glamorous, but the reality is unfortunately far from this.

During Fashion Month, models have an insane schedule of castings, shows, and fittings, often into the late nights, all while uncertain of their success.

This time of year has always brought immense pressure and self-doubt. During castings we would stood in line, in little black dresses and towering heels, subjected from head to toe. If you were successfully walking all the shows and doing fittings you would feel overwhelmed and exhausted, but when you wouldn’t do anything it would be a mental game in your head of not being good enough or questioning your worthiness. It’s a weird concept to explain but I think I can speak for many young girls in the industry here that fashion weeks have lots of ups and downs - mentally, physically and emotionally.

When I started, wellness in the industry wasn’t really a big thing. Before a fashion month the goal from agents was pretty clear: the skinnier you got the better. After weeks of walking shows, barely sleeping, having no time to eat and fuel my body, by the time I would arrive in Paris a lot of people would say to me: “ Babe, you look AMAZING”. This is not how I was feeling. I was exhausted, extremely thin and had no energy to get me trough the days. This is not what the beauty standard should be.

My younger self would be so proud that I am able to come back to New York around this same time but with a different mission. I am happy that times and things are slowly changing in the industry where we can see more diversity, inclusivity, and not just a size 0. Let's embrace our health, mental health, female bodies, and well-balanced lifestyle that comes with that.

I have always felt this underlying motivation of why I am doing what I am doing, but yesterday on the rooftop with so many other inspiring women, blasting music into my ears, I just could feel my WHY.

I am fueled by all of you, your experiences, your journeys, and your growth. This is part of my story but I know how this can relate to so many of you, even those outside this industry. Because at the end, we are often our own biggest critic. You are all truly my inspirations, and I am forever grateful for you!"



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