A Few Days in My Life | Amsterdam | Thinking About the Future


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A Few Days in My Life | Living in Amsterdam | Thinking About Life & the Future

Hello loves,

I am taking you all through a few days in my life in Amsterdam! You might find that this video is unlike a lot of my past day in the life videos. I am not cooking as much in this video, sharing as many recipes, or even the products that love like I normally always do with you all. I wanted to film this with being as present in the moment and as raw as possible with you all. I get into some deep talks about what Max and I see for our futures together, as well as where we are currently in life right now! It has been such an amazing couple of months living in Europe. I love how my daily routine changes a bit when I am back home in Amsterdam versus when I am in Los Angeles. The change in pace here is so different, where I found myself waking up and working out a little later in the mornings than I normally do in LA, which I actually really loved! The mornings and days just felt a lot slower even though we were still working just as hard here as we would back in LA.

As you all know, I have expressed so much how I love being in Amsterdam. Max and I have been really taking intentional time to think about our future together now that we are a married couple, and where we see each other spending the most time together, and I can definitely say that Amsterdam holds a special place in our hearts. As some of you may have noticed, Nekohama has been really taking off here in Amsterdam, and we are so excited to see where that goes in the upcoming months here. I will definitely keep you all posted on what cafes and restaurants in Amsterdam where you can get some of our delicious Nekohama matcha!



List of all my favorite Amsterdam places here!

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