A Day In My Life | My Morning Routine & Special Wedding Q&A !


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Hi Friends!

It feels like it's been a minute since we've last caught up! Welcome back to another day in my life vlog. I wanted to first thank you all so much for being patient with this wedding Q&A video. There were so many amazing questions that came in, and I wanted to really be intentional with answering as many questions as I could for you guys. I am hoping that by sharing my experiences and some tips from my wedding will help and/or inspire some of you for planning a wedding of your own some day!

Along with this post-wedding talk, Max and I have also been spending some time in Amsterdam. It feels so good to be back home here for awhile, and to relax a bit after such a big event in our lives. Being in Amsterdam always reminds me to slow down a little, as we seem to always be moving at such a fast pace every day without even realizing it. I've noticed that slowing down and taking time for yourself is still being productive! Some simple, small ways that I take time for myself can be getting myself ready for the day. This could be putting on a nice outfit, some make up, or styling my hair to feel more put together for the day! With traveling in Europe this past month, I discovered the Laifen Hair Dryer and it has been my absolute favorite hair tool to use this summer. I love how fast it dries my hair as well as the different heat settings it has to protect my hair from any heat damage. It gives my hair that effortless blow out look, and the best part yet is that it's an amazing dupe to the Dyson Hair Dryer, only much more affordable! So many of you have already asked about this hair dryer on my Instagram, and I am happy to share that I now have a special code for you all.. Use code "SANNE" at checkout for an extra $10 off your purchase! This hair dryer will save you so much time and stress this summer of styling your hair.



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